How desire and attachment causes stress....?

The cause of your each and every health problem that you are facing now is only one thing,its a 'stress'.If you are now loaded with too many desires and cravings,then release them immediately, because these desires are blocking a natural flow of cosmic energy in your body making you more weak mentally as well as physically.

Understanding stress...!
In simplest language it can be described as a "lack of mental and physical well-being caused by unpleasant situations or stimuli not under our control."

The mind reacts with jealously, envy, hatred, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear and panic.The mind and body are closely interlinked, and these emotions also adversely affect our physical health.If we cannot manage or prevent these emotions,we start experiencing great physical and mental stress.Unless relieved, such tension may eventually produce serious illness, even heart attacks or strokes.

 The stress that one experiences is nothing but the response of the body to outer environment and the mind to our inner fears.

 These inner fears may be on account of anything like an examination, a job or responsibility, the family, an encounter with a person or situation one dislikes or fears, etc.
A combination of common sense, rational thinking and yoga can rescue us.

How Desire causes stress....?

Many consider stress a malady typical of our modern,highly competitive world. The stress that one experiences is nothing but the response of the body to outer environment and the mind to our inner fears.Hinduism as well as Buddhism teaches that stressful emotions stem from our cherished desires or longings. When desires are obstructed,they become anger,jealousy,hatred,etc.

The following two verses of the Bhagavad Gita beautifully express this idea:

A person who thinks of sense objects develops attachments to them.
From desire springs anger.From anger follows delusion,and from delusion loss of memory.
From loss of memory comes the inability to discriminate between what is good and what is bad.From loss of discrimination the person perishes.

Attachment is attraction to anyone or anything with selfish motive.

Consider a young man who has become attracted to a beautiful girl. The more he thinks of her the stronger grows his attraction.This attraction is attachment.

This attachment generates a strong desire in him to possess the girl for enjoyment.He wants to marry her.But the decided to marry someone else.
Her rejection of him becomes an obstacle to the fulfilment of his cherished desire.This makes him extremely angry.

 He becomes so overwhelmed with anger that his thinking gets utterly confused.He becomes deluded.This delusion causes loss of memory.He loses the ability to discriminate between right and wrong-what is proper and what is improper.Driven by a blind impulse he gets a gun and kills the man the girl wants to marry. For his crime he is arrested by the police and eventually put to a death.

In another example,a very good-looking girl goes to a party.There she meets a another girl much more beautiful than she. This makes her jealous because the other girl's presence stands in the way of the fulfilment of her desire to be the most beautiful girl at that party. 

Hinduism teaches that negative stress-producing emotions like anger,hatred, envy, jealousy and fear are not essentially different from one another.One emotion easily becomes transformed into another.And all are caused by attachment and desire. 

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