Savasana: Easiest Yogic technique for stress relief

As you go about life you may find yourself in a certain rut or phase that you can’t quite get yourself out of. Perhaps it was a loved one that hurt you, financial issues, health problems, or whatever else you have been faced with, you no longer have to fret. 

The cause of your each and every health problem that you are facing now is only one thing,its a 'stress'.If you are now loaded with too many desires and cravings,then release them immediately, because these desires are blocking a natural flow of cosmic energy in your body making you more weak mentally as well as physically.

What is stress.?

In simplest language it can be described as a "lack of mental and physical well-being caused by unpleasant situations or stimuli not under our control."

The stress that one experiences is nothing but the response of the body to outer environment and the mind to our inner fears.

A Savasana-Yogic technique to relieve physical stress...!

It's look like it is the easiest technique in the whole yoga-practise, you just have to follow only two steps given below.One method to relieve stress is to learn to relax your body. You have to relax yourself to release the tension in your organs.

Now we will see how to perform 'Corpse posture' , in Sanskrit is is called as a Savasana.

Lie on your back on the carpeted floor of your bed room.Don't use a pillow under your head.You may lie on your bed if the mattress is very firm and will not cause any curvature in your backbone while lying down.

As you recline on your yoga mat,place your feet spread slightly apart from each other to regulate your aura.Put your arms at your side with your palm facing up.Your fingers should be curled up naturally.

Savasana (Corpse posture)

Now breath rhythmically for five minutes.Then relax your whole body, thinking that all the joints of your body have become loose. Relax the joints of your feet first,then the knees,then the joints of your arms,and last of all the neck.

Lie in that relaxed position for at least fifteen minutes.If  you have succeeded, your body will lie limb on the floor.This technique is called Shavasana in Hatha-Yoga.It will often lull you into a restful sleep.

  • Let go of all your stressful or negative thoughts while you are performing this posture.Imagine that your mind emptying like you are pouring oil from jug.
  • Don't feel pressure to rush into relaxation.Gradually breath out and feel your body is floating like a light feather.
  • There is no time limit for this technique. Try to do it for 40-60 minutes for better results. 
Benefits of Savasana:

1) It is the easiest posture in yoga and a simplest way to relieve your physical stress.It           releases a focal tension in your muscles and relax them.

2)This posture brings a deep, meditative state of rest, which help in the recovering of            tissues and cells, and in releasing stress in them. It also gives time for the yoga                    workout to sink in at a deeper level.

3)It helps to get rid of blood pressure, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

4)This is an insane way to ground the body and cool down your heavy mind,it                        also reduces the imbalance of the air element in the body.

5)Savasana is best for those who are not able to meditate properly.

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