How to dissolve every disturbing thought arised during meditation....?

people practising meditation often find it hard to meditate because of unwanted thoughts arising in their minds.For instance, if one had an unpleasant argument with another person, the thought of that unpleasant experience may severely bother you  during meditation.Such disturbances can be very frustrating. The following techniques can be used to handle this problem:

1) solve your all unresolved daily problems:

whenever we meditate, the first thought arise is in our mind is related to our work, not the holy name of god! so how can we get rid of these disturbing thoughts....?
It is normal for the most powerful thoughts of the day to arise in your mind when you are trying to calm you self down.  Obviously your strongest thoughts of the day are about your work-related problems.

You are like a person sitting on the bank of a big river and watching a powerful motorboat passes by you at great speed.While passing the boat generates big waves in the river. These waves don't hit the bank immediately. They take some time to come and splash against the bank. Similarly, the thoughts of your unresolved work-related problems,which have created strong waves in your mind several hours ago,are now hitting your mind as you try to prepare it for meditation.By exercising will power you may try to expel them.If you succeed, well and good! but if you cant do that, you have to resolve those problems first.Otherwise it won't let you to meditate peacefully.

2) Anticipation of problems and solving them in advance:

In Shri Ramakrishna's life we find the following interesting incident that shows how unwelcome thoughts can be nipped in the bud before they started disturbing meditation.

For several years Shri Ramakrishna's windowed mother lived with in a village near Calcutta.At that time Ramakrishna's nephew Ashish used to live with him. They shared the same bedroom.Once around Ashish woke up and was surprised to see Ramakrshna busy cutting vegetables at that unearthly hour!"uncle, what are you doing?"asked Ashish."Its mid-night!why are you cutting vegetables now?" then Ramakrishna replied," You see,Ashish,when I'll sit for meditation in the early morning, the thought that I've to cut vegetables may come and disturb my meditation.In order to prevent that I'm cutting the vegetables right now!"

 So  try to complete your work as early as possible it will clear all your emotional doubts and help you to focus.

3) Use of positive thoughts to counteract negative thoughts:

You might have observed that some thoughts in our mind are very negative, such as a thought of anger and hatred. 
Let us suppose a person had an argument with his wife in the morning.During that argument she made some very cutting remarks which were very upsetting to him. Later, as he was driving to work he kept on thinking:" how could she talk to me so harshly?" Even after reaching office he continues to ruminate over his wife's unpleasant behaviour.As a result, by the time he was driving back home after his mind had become so full of anger,resentment and hatred that he started seriously thinking of divorcing her!

In this disturbed mental state is it possible for him to sit quietly and perform meditation? obviously not!unless he gets rid of his anger, it wont be possible for him to do either of them.He should realise that throughout their married life she had always behaved lovingly with him,excepts perhaps on only a few occasions. This kind of thinking will counteract his angry thoughts and make his mind peaceful and loving. only then it will be possible for him to meditate. 
So, to obstruct thoughts which are inimical to the practise of yoga,contrary thoughts should be used.

4) Praying for the wrongdoer:

Sometimes you may feel hurt or offended by others.Such feelings can linger on and disturb your mind at the time of meditation.To get rid of this disturbance pray for those who have hurt or offended for you.Request God to transform them into loving and compassionate souls.This kind of prayer will make your mind peaceful.

By using all above techniques we can eliminate the mental blocks to make meditation more peaceful.
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  1. nice great article...
    Your negative thoughts (saboteur) will ALWAYS be there - that's the sucky part.

    Successful people know how to QUIET that little 'voice' by connecting to their purpose, to their "why" - to what they WANT instead of what they DON'T want.

    We have very little control of our outer-world and the people in it.

    We have 90% control of our "inner-world" and how we REACT to our outer-world.

    So, if you are making things "bigger than they are" it's because you may not have full control of your reaction and inner world.

    Happiness is a choice - it's not a bi product

  2. The more time you spend on the thought or about not having it, the more you'll find yourself engaged in it. As they say, if you try NOT to think of purple elephants, you'll find purple elephants in your thoughts.
    You cannot get rid of thoughts by thinking only about them.
    Pranayam and meditation are of great help. At the most basic level, deep breathing helps.

    How to take care of these thoughts ?
    You may dedicate your 15-20 minutes of day only on this one topic - what if .... Allot a specific time everyday, say 9 pm to 9.15 pm only for thinking all this. Any other time, if any thought comes to you, accept that thought (no fighting/struggling with it) and tell yourself that you have already a time to deal with it. Essentially, park your thoughts till evening.
    After some time you'll get bored, dealing with same thing, same way, same time and I am sure you'll not need it in future to come.

    how do we fight ghosts through meditation?
    does kundalini Shakti burns the ghosts?

    1. I think you should post it's answer on your blog ....because I don't have answer for it

  4. This post touches the very important aspect of everyone's life. I liked your work.
    God bless