The root of depression and anxiety- The impressions of past thoughts

All of you have know that no thought is ever lost. All our past thoughts are remain stored in unconscious domain of our minds.They remain there as Samskars or impressions. If the mind be compared to a lake, all the impressions of our past thoughts good or bad-are lying at its bottom. Before going ahead I suggest you should read about  Three subtle nature of souls.
For mental purification all these impressions must be eliminated, in addition to make Sattwa Guna predominant. This elimination of past impressions is important factor connected with the process of mental purification.

How to eliminate past impressions(Samskaras)

The mind is like a self-cleanig oven.It can clean itself by getting rid of its Samskaras.Only a concentrated mind can eliminate Samskaras. When a concentrated mind chants the holy name of God(super consciosness with highest vibration), or engages in meditation(Dhyana), it penetrates into its unconscious domain and dislodges the Samskaras. The impressions then rise to the conscious level of mind and disappear forever. The following analogy will explain how that happens:

Let us imagine a person standing on the shore of a lake. The water is muddy. It also has many waves in it. At the bottom of lake there is a bright light. The person standing on the shore cannot see the light because the muddy water obstructs it. In this analogy the lake is the mind; the waves symbolize restlessness created by Rajas; and the turbidity of water is ignorance and mental confusion caused by Tamas. The bright light at the bottom of the lake is the indwelling Divine self or the soul. The person on the shore is holding a bundle of absorbent paper towels and is throwing them one by one into the lake.The towels first float on the surface, absorb moisture, and then sink to the bottom. They settle at the bottom forming layer after layer; not a single one is lost. Each paper towel is a thought. When floating, it is conscious thought; when submerged,it is a Samskara or a subconscious thought. 

  • Then again each Samskara is like a seed. Given the right circumstances a seed has the power to become a tree. Similarly, every impression has the power to become a conscious thought again if it can be brought up to the conscious level. A highly concentrated mind is like a laser beam, it can go deep down into the subconscious. 
  • When such mind meditates or chants holy name of the God, it acts like a deep water probe and start disturbing and dislodging some of accumulated impressions.As a result , they float up to surface and turn into act upon these rejuvenated thoughts,but to only watch them like a disinterested observer. Then the thoughts will disappear and return again. This is how most of the impressions can be eliminated and the mind made pure. The finer residual impressions, however, are extremely subtle,however, are extremely subtle and can only be destroyed by the deepet concentration called Samadhi.

We must ask, " Is it possible to know which thoughts arising in or minds during meditaion are rejuvenated Samskaras, and which are new thoughts? " To answer this I have to point out that revitalized past thoughts are recollected thoughts. They have been retirieved from the subconscious domain. New thoughts are not recollections. Yes it is not always possible to ascertain which are new thoughts and which are revitalized impressions.(According to Hinduism, when a person dies his orher soul departs from the physical body along with the mind, the senses and vital energy. It is the same mind that incarnatesvagain.) Some revitalized impressions may be very ancient.The soul carries along with it the same mind from incarnation to incarnation, and some thoughts that arise the mind duringmeditaion may be revitalized impressions from last past incarnations.Therefore, our main task during meditaion should be to hold on to the object of our meditaion, for both revitalized past 
thoughts and new intruding thoughts are distractions.

The light of the soul, the Divine self, reveals itself without any distortions when the waves of the mind subside, the turbidity in the water is gone, and all the submerged paper towels or impressions are eliminated. Calming the waves down is overcoming Rajas; removing the turbidity of the water is making Sattwa dominant by overcoming Tamas ; and eliminating the sunken paper towels is cleansing the mind of its impressions. A pure mind is a mind with a preponderance of Sattwa, rid of all but finer, extremely subtle,residual impressions. As stated earlier those impressions can be got rid of only in Samadhi.

Another frequently used analogy is that of an inkwell. Its ink has dried up due to evaporation. The dried-up ink is clinging to the inner wall of the inkwell. In this analogy the inkwell is unconscious domain of the mind, while the dried ink represents the impressions. One method of cleaning the inkwell is to put it under the faucet and allow water to run into it. The running water will gradually flush the ink out and make the inkwell spotlessly clean. The running water represents the concentrated  mind of the meditator. It can help eliminate impressions and make the mind pure.

So now you can see that what exactly happens when we are having severe depression and anxiety, a continous loop cycle of negative thoughts constantly bothers you. This cycle is nothing but the impressions of your past desires,emotions and may be due to stress you are carrying now. At every time We get attached to every thoughts running in our mind and these attachments  are not allowing you to set you free.

" Relax no need to be critical. Whatever arises, whatever occurs, simply don't cling to it, but immediately let it go."

So guys just think for a while and comment which type of thoughts are vacillating in your mind and bother you every time, I may have solution please comment...
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