Is Your body too acidic ? here is a quick solution

Acid runs batteries, not bodies. As you read these words, your body is generating acid and you are eliminating acid. No need to worry, all your cells produce acid as they function,and your lungs eliminate these acids every time you exhale. The acid your body produces is relatively weak and usually does not cause any problems. On other hand, excess acids your body get from eating too much protein,grains, sugar,  dairy, by strenuous exercise or excess stress,causes a lot of serious problems and must be excreted in the urine.

You need to know more about the relationship between food and total optimum health. The acid level in your body may be the major factor in determining your level of health.

Acid-Alkaline Balance-Key indicator of Health

True health is thus dependent on the acid-alkaline balance. If the body is out of balance, the result is excessive stress on your body tissues. Inevitably this leads to disease.In general vegetables, fruits, sea vegetables,herbs and quality water yield an alkaline ash while grains, animal protein,dairy,sugar and oils yield an acid ash. Notable exceptions are cranberries and plain yogurt which leave a strong acid ash.
The effects of being too acidic are:
  • We  become flustered and agitated more quickly.
  • We become physically and mentally exhausted by mid-afternoon.
  • We don't experience deep sleep patterns.
  • We have several colds and flues each year.
  • The immune system is compromised and operating at less than optimal.
  • Digestion is impaired and we feel discomfort after meals.

Things you should do to avoid being acidic:

You should not acidic food at all, because we get most of the protein from acid rash forming food . We must consume both acid and alkaline ash foods daily-both are necessary,so the general rule is that you should consume 75% of your food daily, by weight,from the alkaline ash-forming foods and 25% from the acid ash-forming foods. Eat some raw foods, be it fruits, vegetables,seeds,salads,raw fruits ,see veggies,fermented veggies,grated veggies or herbal garnishes at each meal. 

Amazing citrus family:

Note that citrus fruits taste 'acidic' but do leave alkaline ash. Therefore I always promote you squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice(use one full lemon in 24 hours) in your 8-12 glasses of water daily. Avocados and tomatoes are fruits that can be used as great source of PH balancing components.

The effect of being alkaline are:

  • We are calm .
  • We have robust energy.
  • Our sleep patterns are deep.
  • We have fewer colds and flues.
  • We have the strong immune system to ward off disease.
  • The body has good digestion, absorption and elimination.
I have extracted the list of all alkaline and acidic food from so if you want to list out them see the follwing tables:
Another important thing are Prayer, meditation,relaxation, message,calming music, sitting in nature,reaching out to others with love and compassion are each human activities that buffer the acids of daily living and promote an alkaline body.

Mother nature prepares the best foods for these human bodies, and it is your choice how or if you will eat them.Be natural,eat simple,eat the 'common man's' diet and avoid packaged,sweetened, canned foods that might taste good, but are thieves that rob you of your natural vibrant health. 

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