How to remove mental blocks to overcome depression naturally.

Depression is being most critical condition for people having lots of stressful work and they are not being able to relax themselves in such harsh conditions.People with a depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, ashamed or restless. They may lose interest in activities that were once pleasurable, experience loss of appetite or overeating, have problems concentrating, remembering details or making decisions, and may contemplate, attempt or commit suicide.If you are facing same problems then you need an urgent mental healing.Before going ahead i suggest you to go through the - Root of depression and anxiety

Stress cannot be avoided in life for the simple reason that nothing great can be achieved in life by leading a stress-free,easy going life.We have to work hard,face the problems of life,encounter evils of different kinds,live with incompatible people; and all this causes stress. What then should we do? we should try to reduce stress as much as possible by following all ancient tactics that people from old days were used to follow :

1) Removing Mental Blocks

One of the reasons why we are not being mindful is that Prana or life energy does not flow freely within the individual or between the individual and the universal life, owing to the presence of obstructions within. These obstructions are caused by residual impressions of past actions,experiences. Impressions on mind are of two kinds:
  1. Those which produce only memories of past experiences.
  2. Those which produce impulses or drives to repeat those experiences.
Both these mental blocks are interlinked to form complex patterns of love,hate, fear and other emotions.It is these 'complexes' that obstructs the free flow of life energy in us.

Many of these complexes are formed in childhood and adolescence. When unpleasant or traumatic experiences take place, the tendency of a child or teenager is to repress them they don't involve in these experiences much. 

Repression is a process of pushing the impressions of past experiences into the unconscious regions of the mind.The growing youth may not be able to recollect those bad experiences again, but the repressed impressions(samskaras) lodged in the hidden recesses of the unconscious go on creating psychological and psychosomatic problems for him.

Unless these repressed complexes are ferreted out confronted,we wont be able to cure psychosomatic disorders completely. The seeker has to dive deep into his unconscious,encounter the past experiences,and deactivate the past impressions. Owing to repression,this is a difficult process.
Most people find it difficult to deal with it and they use different kinds of medicines,drugs and so many other things. But they don't know how much power they have ,once they start living heart-centred life.Life itself is a great healing power.It not only creates,sustains and destroy but also heals.

Proper Mind-Body dialogue:

Our mind and body are connected by the hard wire of the nervous system,liquid media of neuro-transmitters,hormones and the vibrational whisper of brain waves and heart waves. We can reduce mental tension by self-talk,watching our thoughts where they are vacillating,watching our emotions. So this will help you to clear the effect of those thoughts before it can make an impression over subconscious mind.

Measuring and monitoring our mind-body dialogue:

Becoming familiar with the feeling as it develops and with how our
own body responds to each feeling; how particular emotions affects our mental tension, emotional sweating, heart rate, breathing, digestive system, sleep patterns and so on.Just observe them don't try to judge them or pass any serious comment ,take a deep breath and let it go away.The intention of our self creates impressions so let them go away.

" Relax no need to be critical. Whatever arises, whatever occurs, simply don't cling to it, but immediately let it go."

Modifying our feelings :

If you want learn about your emotions, we must try to changing them. We can not change a feeling by arguments. The only way to change a feeling is to replace it with another feeling. If you are not able to replace them then engage yourself in different activities. More you focus on unpleasant ,it will then create impression further it will difficult to remove them. so avoiding them is best approach to replace them.

Changing our reaction to other: 

Sympathy means to appreciate the other person's emotion. Empathy means to actually feel the same as the other.We have to levels of existence, head-centred judgement and heart-centred affiliation.Once we learn the skill of shifting from head to heart, we have learnt the art of self-healing through love and ability to forgive.
Healing means making ourselves whole. This requires 'internal pharmacy' of managing our emotions in addition to the matter-and motion-dynamics of modern life. Mindfulness of the present moment and self regulation of our body in relation to each emotion are two key factors in managing our emotions. Altruism is a powerful antidote to anger, the most powerful negative emotion.It starts with non-judgemental heart-centred living, which must eventually become our natural way of life. Let us begin the practise right away.

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