How meditation helps you to meet the God within you?

Meditation is the guided imagination of the real:

In order to meditate we have to use our imagination. It cannot be random or unbridled imagination. The imagining must be done with the greatest concentration.The other thing is that the object of imagination has to be realOld bad habits of the mind die hard.It takes a lot of will power and sustained effort to get rid of them.

What happens with us is we practise meditation for short period of time and give up. We don't take it much seriously.We give up because we do not get quick results. It takes years of patient and steadfast effort to change the quality of your current mind.A mind pampered through many years of sensual indulgence cannot be changed and controlled overnight. There is no instance success in spiritual life.So our object of meditation has to be real ,if we want to meet our true self.
In the context of meditation it is essential to know the true meaning of the word real.

Sustained guided imagination of the real is meditation. Imagining unreal is not meditation. It is fantasy.

What is the real meaning of word 'REAL'?

Anything that is real has to fulfil two conditions. The real has to be both changeless and eternal.These two criteria are often used when we judge reality in our day to day life. 

Ancient scriptures conceive of God(pure consciousness) as changeless and eternal. God alone is real. Everything in this world is transient and subject to change. Nothing pertaining to the world can be real. We already know that the object of meditation has to be real. As God alone is real, the object of meditation must be God.

The teacher gives proper guidance in imagining God. This type of imagining will in course of time mature and enable the student to directly experience the God. The popular saying-"Today's imagination is tomorrow's realisation." -is very true of meditation. How this process of guided imagination can lead to God-experience is explained by analogy.

Let us consider a blind man who has inherited immense wealth. He wants to buy a large house for himself. A Realtor comes to him to talk about a beautiful mansion(a large, impressive house) that is for sale. The Realtor describes the house in great detail, and hearing the description the blind man creates a vivid mental picture of the house.In this analogy the Realtor is the teacher of meditation and the blind man is his student.He is guiding the student in imagining the real house.

Then the Realtor takes the blind man to mansion. The buyer has already come to know the layout of the real house through his imagination and has no difficulty now in directly exploring and knowing it.

God is not only the one and only one reality but is also the holiest of the holy, the purest of the pure. By meditating on the exalted holiness of God our mind gradually becomes completely holy and pure.The mental impurity that temporarily covers the effulgent sun of divinity in us like a cloud dispelled forever. Our inherent divinity now blazes forth in its boundless glory. This is the acme of spiritual progress-reaching the ultimate goal of meditation. This is spiritual illumination. 

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