how 15 minutes of daily chanting(japa) changed my life ? power of mantra

I think most of us have seen our grandmother or grandpa sitting in a corner and chanting the holy name of God.In general what most of the people do they chant for fulfillment of their purposes,desires.They think that if they continue their devotional practise ,the God will come and will give them all they want. But very few of them know the exact reality behind the art of chanting. One day my grandma told me to chant just for 5 minutes seriously ,Initially I got very bored but as I started doing it regularly, I slowly examined what exactly happens during chanting. Whenever I tried to perform chanting my mind started wondering,then I started listening to it intently. Then something amazing happened to me:

1) Chanting helps me in gaining control over the mind:

One thing I observed that our uncontrolled mind gets bored doing same thing over and over again. An uncontrolled mind is reluctant to do such monotonous chanting. In-spite of this reluctance, the mind should be persuaded again and again to chant the same God mantra (the technique consists of chanting a holy name of God or a prayer over and over again).Eventually the mind, unless otherwise occupied, will chant the mantra on its own without any persuasion. This gives us a clear indication that the mind has to a considerable extent come under control.

2) How consistent chanting purifies the mind:

A piece of white cloth takes on the colour of the dye in which it is soaked. The mind is also like a piece of a white cloth.It absorbs the good or bad qualities of its thoughts. God is the holiest of the holy.A Mantra contains the name of God and is, therefore,equally holy. As mentioned earlier, chanting consists of repetition of a Mantra . A mind performing chanting is thinking of holiness continually, and will gradually become holy and pure as simple as that.

3) How chanting helps me in mastering concentration:
  • When we perform chanting we have to articulate the Mantra correctly and listen to it intently. We must not allow the mind to drift anywhere else. This practice eventually enable us to gain great concentration.
  • To get tangible results chanting has to be performed regularly and intensely for several years. There is no instance success in spiritual experiences, we have to steadfastly and intensely practice chanting for several months .
The necessity for patience and steadfastness in practice of Mantra:

We become discouraged after doing chanting for a month or year because we notice no tangible spiritual progress. We should realize that spiritual progress takes place steadily and slowly.It is like growing from childhood to adulthood. It takes time. Let us suppose a little boy wants to grow as tall as his father. If he measures his height every five minutes, will he ever notice any growth? Yet he is continuously growing. The same is true of spiritual progress.

Suppose we perform chanting for two hours a day.This must produce some beneficial effect on our minds. But the impact of our secular activities done during the remaining 22 hours of the day will surely outweigh the impact of chanting done for only two hours.This is why we may not notice any tangible spiritual progress. In order to see results, we should mentally chant the Mantra as many times as possible throughout the rest of our walking hours.

So guys overall there is only one reason behind all these practices that 'keep your mind in the present moment as possible as because this is the only moment where the magic happens. But we are really too busy in our useless thinking which is not real(why we should chant the God?) ,Sustained guided imagination of the real is meditation. Imagining unreal is not meditation. It is fantasy. Just focus on only real things this only lead us to self realization.

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