10 things to know before you start meditation

Meditation is intense mental concentration.It is not easy to master the art of concentration .In trying to achieve it we are likely to encounter many obstacles. These have to be overcome.Most, if not all, of these obstacles are created by mind itself.So, before meditating,it can be of great help to become aware of following things:

1) Where to meditate:

  • Meditation is best done in a clean, quiet, and safe place.It should be place where you will not be disturbed by anybody.If possible, have a separate room in your home for meditation.Nobody should be allowed to eat,drink,smoke,sleep or socialize there.
  • Avoid a damp or musty room. A dry and well-ventilated room is preferable. During meditation your breathing will slow down and you will need more oxygen when you breath.
  • Deodorize the room with fragrant flowers or ,if you are not allergic to smoke , burn a mildly fragrant incense stick while meditating.

2)What is the best time for meditation?

According to the sages of India, the best times to meditate when night changes into day and day changes into night. In other words, sunrise and sunset hours are the best times for meditation. Yogis have observed that around sunrise and sunset the mind naturally becomes calm and serene. A calm mind is most  conductive to meditation.Nevertheless, if you have difficulty meditating at those hours, you may meditate whenever convenient. But you should try to meditate at the same time every day.

3)Don't practise meditation when you are ill.

During illness your body feels lazy and tired. you whole system is busy in repairing to bring yourself back on the track,so it will be difficult for you to focus. Nor you should meditate when your mind become extremely upset and self-stricken.

4)Don't practise meditation with full stomach:

Because it will impair your digestion. After a heavy meal there is more blood circulation in the stomach to assist digestion. Meditation done at that time will cause more blood to circulate in the brain,depriving the stomach of its blood supply. It will also be hard for you to meditate after a big meal as you will feel sleepy. Ideally, your stomach should at least be half-empty when you meditate.

5)Don't  distract your mind by doing unnecessary things:

Try not to associate with too many people with secular interests. This will distract your mind. Too much talking also distract the mind. Try to minimize unnecessary talking as much as possible.

6)Don't get involved in intense physical activities:

If you want to meditate then do not get involved in intense physical activities. Too much physical activity increases Rajas (know more about Rajas )and makes the mind restless. It will then be hard for you to control your mind and meditate.

7)Avoid sleeping too much or too little:

Usually six hours of restful sleep should be adequate for most people,although some may need more. When you master the art of meditation you will be able to manage with fewer hours of sleep. Deep meditation gives the body and mind much more rest than sleep.

8)Be careful about what you eat or drink:

Drinks containing alcohol should be avoided, also narcotics. Take only food that is easily assimilated and soothing to your constitution. Drink plenty of water to flush your system. It is not obligatory to become a vegetarian. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian you have to practise moderation in your food habits.Overeating should be avoided, so also too much fasting. Unless you are allergic to dairy products , diet containing milk,yoghurt,cereals,fruits and vegetables is preferable.Eat only when your stomach is empty. Avoid eating between meals.

9)If possible, take a shower before meditation:

The shower will refresh your nerves and relax your body. Put on fresh clothes that are not tight fitting. Depending upon the season or whether you may use either cooler or warmer clothes.

10)Use prayer rug for sitting:

Sit cross-legged and meditate on a prayer rug placed on the floor. The rug should be of non-conducting material,such as wool. Sitting for meditation on a bare floor-be that of mud,cement or marble- is not advisable.

So guys I use all above techniques before meditation ,do you use anything different so please comment.

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