The reality of the Omnipresence of God

All theistic religions believe in the omnipresence of God. Among them Hinduism most emphatically speaks of the presence of Divinity in every human being. At any given point in time Divinity is equally present in all, but not equally manifest. The purpose of all spiritual practices, including meditation,is to fully manifest this inherent Divinity. Only in the state of Samadhi or Yoga does this Divinity become fully manifest. Then a person is said to have become a God-realized soul.

----Divinity(soul) is our true self---------------------------------------------

  • This divinity forms a very core of our being. we can give up whatever is extraneous,but not that which forms the very core of our existence. Sooner or later this true self, this divinity,  must manifest itself. 
  • All without exception will eventually experience this Divine self manifested in them i its infinite splendor. This is God-realization. This is the inevitable goal of human life.

----What Hinduism teaches about this infinity-------------------------------

  • Hinduism says that infinite Bliss is one of the principle aspects of Divinity. We all yearn to have joy. This longing is expressed through our craving for money, power and position. Through all these cravings we are unconsciously trying to reach our Divine-self-Infinite bliss.
  • No matter how much pleasure,money,power or fame we have, we are never satisfied. We yearn for more. Finding lasting satisfaction through them is impossible, because the joy derived from them is finite. Eventually, we realize that searching for infinite joy through finite and external means will lead us nowhere.  

----how this realization will inspire us to reach infinite bliss-------------------

  • This realization will inspire us to turn around and consciously search for that fountain of Infinite Bliss within. When we arrive at this perennial source of Bliss all our wants and cravings will disappear forever. We will then experience God , the all-pervading Divinity, as Supreme Bliss both within ourselves and without-in everything that exists in this entire interminable universe. 
  • We will experience God as the essence of everything and every being. We will love all-even our enemies-because  we see no enemy anywhere. In  this state ,any interaction with the world will be a most joyous and rewarding experience, because it is no other than directly interacting with God.
  • We will see ourselves joyfully involved in a Divine play where God is playing all the roles, including our own. we will no longer indentify with our body-mind-complexes, which are subject to birth,change, decay and death. Wee will gain unshakable conviction that we are eternal Divine Spirit-deathless and birthless. Thus we will transcend all the fear, suffering and sorrow.

The BHAGVAD GITA, a well known scripture of Hinduism , says :
"After gaining that experience one thinks that there is no greater gain than that experience , and being established in that experience one is not moved by even the heaviest of sorrows. "

if you want know exact spiritual reality then you should watch this video:

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  3. thank you so much Joy i really appreciate your love...

  4. Sometimes it's the Gift Of Desperation that brings the Bliss/Joy beyond human comprehension.

    1. This infinite feeling is always with us...but we are not aware of it ..todays people are finding this happiness in this mortal world but they dont know how much bliss they will have if they start living through their heart..

  5. i just read this and want you to know that i am aware of this fact. i am searching for a means to spread my message as widely as possible. my existence is immaterial, and therefore one. i feel the pain of every species, thankfully not physically, and am looking to develop a society who is dedicated to understanding the physiology and consciousness of all life, in effort of achieving our long desired eternal paradise.

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    1. Hello Garry.Exactly ,people are being driven by today's materialism but they dont know how much power they have if they started living through their heart instead of mind. EVERY individual has to work on themselves then only we can bring peace in this world.

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