3 subtle natures of soul you don't know....

The Sankhya system is the most ancient school of Hindu philosophy. This system recognizes two types of  ultimate reality,

1) Purusha (cosmic souls i;e all of us)
2) Prakriti (nature)

Purusha is pure consciousness or pure sentience.It is changeless,eternal,entirely passive. Unlike Prakriti,which is only one,there are innumerable purushas. There are as many Purushas as there are conscious beings.
Objection have been raised by other schools of Hindu philosophy about the Sankhya concept of many Purushas. According to them, since Purusha is all-pervading , the idea of many Purushas occupying the same space is not acceptable.The Sankhya reply to this objection is that Purushas have no difficulty co-existing, just as light from different candles can occupy the same space without any conflict.


Prakriti (Nature):

  • It is unconscious primordial matter. It is uncaused . Though Prakriti is uncaused,it is a cause of everything in this universe, whether matter, energy or even mind.
  • Hindu philosophy very clearly states that mind, however subtle, is a material substance.It also should be remembered that although Prakriti is the cause of everything in this universe, it is not the cause of Purusha. 
  • Prakriti is composed of three extremely subtle substances called Satwa, Rajas and Tamas. Each substance is called a "Guna" in Sanskrit.


  • According to Sankhya philosophy, Prakriti is the subtlest of all kinds of matter. Therefore, each of its constituent parts- Satwa,Rajas and Tamas- are as subtle as Prakriti. 
  • These three Gunas are so subtle and fine that, compared to them,even photons or subatomic particles like electrons and neutrons are relatively gross. Gunas are finer and subtler than anything that we know in this world. And yet, according to Sankhya philosophy,everything in this world,whether gross or subtle,is composed of these three Gunas.
  • The Gunas cannot be directly perceived by us because of their extreme subtlety. Just as we cannot see electricity and yet we know its presence by seeing its manifestation in the form of electric lights, the stove,TV,etc., so also we can indirectly know the presence of the Gunas by seeing their various manifestations. 
  • Each Guna has its own distinctive and unique qualities.These qualities manifest themselves through everything in the world. By seeing these characteristics,the presence of GUNAS in things can be inferred.

1) Sattwa-Guna: 

(  intelligence, imparts balance )

Sattwa-Guna is light or buoyant, bright or illuminating.It is of the nature of joy.It has ability to reveal or make things known. The luminosity,the ability of the mind and senses to know things,the reflecting power of a mirror, and the transparency of glass and  crystals are all due to presence of Sattwa-Guna in them.

If we see happiness,contentment,satisfaction,joy or bliss in a mind,we should know that it is due to the presence of Sattwa. In the same manner, the lightness or buoyancy of cork or similar substances can be explained in terms of the presence of Sattwa-Guna.

2) Rajo-Guna:

(energy, causes imbalance)
Rajo-Gunas causes activity,movement and restlessness.Avarice, hankering,anger,egoism,vanity and wish to dominate over others are also characteristics of Rajo-Guna.

It also is of the nature of pain and suffering-the cause of all types of painful experiences. Wherever we see activity,movement or restlessness,pain or suffering in this world, we should know that it is due to Rajo-Guna.

3) Tamo-Guna:

(substance, creates inertia)
The characteristics of Tamo-Guna are inertia, passivity,sluggishness, heaviness and too much negativity.It resisits activity or movement. It renders the mind sluggish and incapable of knowing the things clearly. It causes confusion,mental depression,bewilderment and ignorance.It induces drowsiness and sleep.

It is the principle of materiality or unconsciousness that causes consciousness to become veiled. It possesses a downward motion that causes decay and disintegration.

"For the Purusha, residing in prakriti, experiences the gunas born of prakriti. Attachment to these gunas is the cause of his birth in good or evil wombs ."

All these Gunas share two common characteristics.They are in perpetual conflict with one another,each one trying to subdue the others in order to become predominant. At the same time they cooperate with one another.A candle flame exists through cooperation of the wick,wax and fire. The flame will cease to exist without such cooperation of the three Gunas.

Before creation the Gunas remain in a state of perfect equilibrium, none claiming preponderance. The process of creation starts when Prakriti borrows consciousness from Purusha and begins acting like a conscious entity. At this point the equilibrium of Gunas is lost and the conflict between them starts. As a result of this conflict , Prakriti starts evolving and changing. The first sign of prakriti's conscious activity is seen in its tendency to change itself.It undergoes a process of gradual transformation,and the final outcome is this manifold universe.In other words,primordial matter-prakriti-becomes universe through the process of evolution.

So if you want to achieve real happiness & if you want to feel the real euphoria you have to create balance between these three Gunas.

Three Stages of Mental Healing-

  • Breaking up Tamas, developing Rajas Moving from mental inertia to self-motivated action.
  • Calming Rajas, developing Sattva Moving from self-motivated action to selfless service.
  • Perfecting Sattva Moving from selfless service to meditation.To bring about this transition we must develop love and awareness as universal forces. 

To bring about this transition and reach the sattva-guna we must develop love and awareness as universal forces. We must learn to transcend the limitation of the human condition to our higher spiritual nature.Inner peace must become our dominant force.We should no longer seek to overcome our pain but to develop our joy.We should no longer be centred in our personal or collective problems but in developing our communication with greater universe.
I hope you liked this article and now I am very excited to see what you going to do for developing Sattwa-Guna ,if you have any ideas please comment below.....

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