can we get supernatural powers through meditation...?

Yes we can ,Swami Bhaskarananda says we can attain supernatural powers that come to spiritual aspirants in course of their spiritual progress. Each power is called a Siddhi in Sanskrit. Through the practice of Japa and meditation our minds gradually become keener. We gain greater control over our minds and capable of greater concentration. A highly concentrated mind can be compared to a laser beam. A laser beam is a highly concentrated flow of photons. Such a beam can burn holes even in the hardest steel. Ordinary dissipated light cannot do that.

Similarly, the thoughts of a highly concentrated mind are much more powerful than those of a scattered mind. If such thoughts are good they can be very beneficial. If they are bad they can do immense harm. The angry or lustful thoughts of a keen mind can do much more harm than the thoughts of a scattered mind.

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(1) The ability to become as small as a molecule and penetrate solid objects (Animâ)

(2) Extreme lightness of body or the ability to levitate (Laghimâ)

(3) The ability to permeate everything (Vyâpti)

(4) The acquisition of irresistible will power (Prâkâmya)

(5) The ability to make the body extremely large (Mahimâ)

(6) Acquiring godlike powers (Îshitwa)

(7) The power to bring everything under one’s control (Vashitwa)

(8) The ability to obtain whatever one desires (Kâma-vasâyitâ)

The Uddhava Gîtâ however, describes the Siddhis as follows:

(1) The power to overcome hunger and thirst (Anurmi-mattwam)

(2) The ability to hear what is being said far away (Dura-shravanam)

(3) The power to see what is happening far away (Dura-darshanam)

(4) The ability to move the body as fast as the speed of the mind (Mano-javitwam)

(5) The ability to transform one’s body into any other desired physical form (Kâma-rupam)

(6) The power to enter the body of other people (Para-kâya-praveshanam)

(7) The power to die at will (Swechchhâ-mrityuh) [This should not, however, be confused with committing suicide which is condemned by the Hindu scriptures.]

(8) The ability to enjoy the celestial pleasures of the gods or angels (Deva-kridânudarshanam)

(9) The ability to fulfill one’s desires (Yathâ-samkalpa-samsiddhi)

(10) The ability to order other people to do things without any opposition from them (Âjnâ-apratihata)

(11) The ability to know the past, present and future (Trikâlajnatwam)

(12) The ability to read the thoughts of others (Parachittâdi-abhijnatâ)

(13) The power not to be affected by fire, water and poison (Agni-arka-vishâdinâm pratishtambha)

(14) The ability to remain undefeated under any circumstances (Aparâjaya)

Other supernatural powers may also come to the Yogî:

(1) The power to fly (Khecharî-vidyâ)

(2) The power to conquer death (Mrityunjaya-vidyâ)

(3) The ability to acquire treasures hidden underground (Pâtâla-siddhi)

(4) The power to make oneself invisible (Antardhânam)

(5) The power to understand all animal languages (Sarvabhutaruta-jnânam)

(6) Acquiring the knowledge of past lives (Purvajâti-jnânam)

Some may think that such supernatural powers are impossible to attain. Some may even dismiss them as cock-and-bull stories. But the lives of genuine saints, prophets and godmen belonging to all religions bear testimony to the validity of these claims. Such powers can only be attained through intense mental concentration and many years of steady and relentless spiritual practice. The acquisition of one or more of these powers must initially generate enthusiasm in spiritual aspirants to continue with their practice. But once attained, these powers should not be misused or used prematurely before attaining spiritual enlightenment. These powers or Siddhis, although extremely attractive, are a great danger for spiritual aspirants. Lord Krishna, a divine incarnation, told his devotee Uddhava that anyone who craves supernatural powers cannot have God-vision.[1] Lord Buddha asked one of his close disciples not to use any Siddhis because that would be extremely detrimental to his spiritual life.

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